Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ohio Congressman Kucinich: Drones Hearings

Congressman Dennis Kucinich has announced that he will hold hearings on U.S. drone killings:

Friday, November 16, 2012
Location: Room 2253, Rayburn House Office Building

According to the Kucinich website:
[T]he targeted killing of suspects by the United States is becoming a permanent feature of our counterterrorism strategy. . . . Yet the program has thus far been conducted with virtually no oversight from Congress or any other judicial body and absolutely no due process. . . . The battlefield has been stretched to include nearly anywhere in the world, making it easier to justify the flouting of international law and the laws of war. . . . Congress cannot stand idly by as these actions are being taken in the name of the American people.
(See: Kucinich Announces Congressional Briefing on U.S. Combat Drone Program; Massive Death Toll Belies Claim that Drone Strikes are only used in Cases of an “Imminent Threat” and Congress Hears Expert Testimony About Combat Drone Program .)

Congressman Kucinich and several dozen other members of Congress from across the country wrote to President Obama in June to demand answers on the U.S. drone killing program.